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Rimini: not just the sea but many ideas on what to do and see

Rimini is and has always been the favourite seaside resort thanks to its beautiful and equipped beaches but in truth it is a town with a thousand faces that offers a multitude of attractions:

An antique town, founded by the Romans in 268 B.C., Rimini was a really important commercial and communication node; its emperors built numerous monuments such as the Tiberian Bridge, the Augusto Arch and the Roman Amphitheatre that we recommend seeing, organising an excursion to the centre.
Even the Malatesta waterfall passage, culturally one of the most brilliant of that age, has left testimony such as the Tempio Malatestiano (the cathedral church of Rimini) that houses the famous Giotto painting - the Crucifix - as well as works by Piero della Francesca.

Fellini itinerary
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Rimini has three villages that are well worth visiting (besides the splendid villages that you can see just inland).

  • Borgo San Giovanni
    The antique home of Rimini arts and crafts, depicted in beautiful murals near shops together with the famous tabaccaia di Fellini mural.

  • Borgo San Giuliano
    A true Fellini-remembrance village that is home to the beautiful Festa de’ Borg.
  • Borgo Sant’Andrea
    This is most highly populated area of the town which used to house the Fornace Fabbri, one of the biggest Rimini factories of that time; today it enchants visitors with the Porta Montanara and the Lavatoio (rebuilt).


Environment and nature
As already mentioned, Rimini does not offer beauty linked solely to the sea: you can, in fact, visit places of naturalistic interest like the Parco della Cava, a theme park on Marecchia fossils, the Botanic Planetarium of Torre Pedrera or you might like to take part in the many mountain bike excursions or climb the Valmarecchia.

Outside Rimini
Our Rimini based hotel with car park is the perfect departure point for visiting marvellous places such as Santarcangelo di Romagna, Verucchio, San Marino, Gradara, San Leo and Urbino.
So seize the opportunity to spend a day immersed in culture, flavouring the enogastronomic specialities and visiting antique historical places.

Amusement Parks
Besides the conventional beach holiday, by stopping here in the 3 star hotel in Rimini you will be able to visit the most beautiful parks of the Romagnola Riviera. Among these are Oltremare, Aquafan, Fiabilandia, Cattolica’s Aquarium, Mirabilandia and the Safari Zoo, which are easy to reach and are only a few miles from the town.

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